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Our Drivers are essential to the success of our service and the ongoing satisfaction of our clients. They are experienced, and knowledgeable, having gone through rigorous training that includes: A comprehensive driving test. Courtesy training dealing with topics such as working with the elderly and sick. Experience with the proper handling of wheelchair bound patients. 19A certification by New York Department of Motor Vehicles (which includes a biannual medical exam, an annual road test and annual reviews of driving records) as well as TLC Paratransit Licensing. A minimum of three years prior work related experience with most having more than five. An extensive background check, including a past criminal record search. =================================================

Our Vehicles Comfortable, safe, and accommodating, Ambulette Star vehicles are late year models equipped with features to ensure a smooth, hassle free journey: Our high tops (raised roofs) afford our passengers ample headspace, so that during loading and unloading, with a wheelchair or without, even our tallest clients can enter without stooping or angling in. Our vehicles feature rear air conditioners (separate units) so that during the hot summer month, the entire Ambulette is cooled, providing comfort for all passengers (not just the driver!). For the added safety of our wheelchair bound clients, we have equipped our Ambulettes with special wheelchair locks that fit virtually all models. All of our vehicles are maintained to the highest safety standards and are inspected every 6 month with DOT (Department of Transportation.)








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